Kyoto is home to tourist resources that are nestled in the emotional heart of the city.
Background the beauty of Kyoto’s appearance are the words of great men and women.
“Yugen,” “sabi,” “iki,” “ahare,” and so on.
How did this unique Japanese philosophy of beauty, which is unique not only in the West but also in the East, come about?
We wonder if this seemingly lofty philosophy developed from familiar sources, such as “mottainai” and “mise-en-scène”? We thought.
We have collected such beauty that exists suddenly in our daily lives, rather than just looking at the beautiful parts.

We hope you can feel the charm of Kyoto in your daily life.
Kyoto’s charms that you can feel in your daily life.

When Rikyu’s disciple cleaned up the area in front of the gate without a single fallen leaf, Rikyu shook a nearby tree to remove the leaves, saying that it was not clean at all.
Rikyu wanted to convey the idea of accidental nature and its beauty.
We created a logo based on this story that symbolizes the concept of this trip.


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